LifeWTR Imagines a World Where Half the World’s Art Work, Created by Women, Goes Missing

There are a lot of female visual artists out there–51 percent to be exact–but their work makes up less than 5 percent of all permanent collections. LifeWTR wants to change that with its “Art By a Woman” campaign.

The brand launched the idea by setting up a wall of empty frames outside New York’s Lincoln Center last month—no artwork in site. But when attendees ventured to the other side of the wall, they found some beautiful pieces, all created by women. It filmed people’s reactions to the installation, which offered a glimpse of a world without all artists represented.

“We wanted to launch this video to have a compelling, strong social call to action to really fill the world with more women’s art because there’s a void there,” said Todd Kaplan, vp of PepsiCo’s North America beverages water portfolio.

LifeWTR worked closely with three artists on the activation—Trudy Benson,Lynnie Z and Adrienne Gaither. Each woman also designed packaging for LifeWTR bottles that consumers can now find in stores where the brand is sold.

Part of LifeWTR’s mission is to champion creativity, so every few months it will roll out newly designed packaging from different groups of artists. The product hit shelves earlier this year with designs by artists who specialize in public spaces—Jason Woodside, Craig & Karl and MOMO

“We believe a world with more art makes the world more inspired,” Kaplan said.

The brand is picking up speed. After just five months on the market, LifeWTR has already hit $70 million in retail sales.

Outside of this campaign, LifeWTR also announced that it is launching a mentorship program that will include workshops and networks to further help advance women in the arts. It’s also contributing to the Frieze Brooklyn Museum Fund, donating paintings like “United 1971” by Virginia Jaramillo.

Check out some behind the scenes interviews with the artists below.

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