Cola Solwitz

Cola works her magic with everything she undertakes, striking the perfect balance between art and design. She’s in the trenches making client projects come to life visually, designing promotional products, and ensuring that we are making UX friendly decisions. She’s our graphics guru, our principal of print, and our leader of the latest looks. Not only is Cola deeply invested in making the world around her more colorful, she’s committed to environmentalism and community service. She has a wicked green thumb, transforming her windowsill into an enviable print-ready plant campaign. If you receive an OOO from her, it’s because she’s likely out on a mountain snowboarding or hiking or whipping up tasty treats with her husband and puppy.

Nikki Mirasola

Before joining glue in April 2017, Nikki spent a decade honing her skills in event production, with a special focus on curation, operations, and logistics within the music & entertainment industry. In addition to producing events for various venues, festivals, and promoters, she pioneered all experiential programming at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. She is a tour-de-force who powers through to get the job done and does so with a smile. At glue, Nikki works closely with clients to bring their unique visions to life, whether it be an intimate brand activation or a large-scale event.

Morgan Kelly

Morgan’s a transplant from Atlanta, Georgia who’s super gluey. Part of TEAMglue since 2013, her first home was on our producing team, where she learned what makes the work we do so special, our people. Morgan’s interest in enhancing the overall employee experience and cultivating a supportive company culture is the catalyst behind her role in developing and heading up our People Ops Department. She values inclusion and shares happy vibes with those around her. Morgan’s strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a knack for creative thinking, writing, and planning keeps the teams enthusiastic and working together. Outside of the gluniverse, Morgan can be found hanging with her three cats, getting her steps in, and improvising.

Mandy Berry

Mandy Berry has over a decade of experience in event production, working as a coordinator, manager, and producer. She has worked in almost every state and 40+ countries touring with several top performance groups and events, most notably with Cirque Du Soleil. After staking NYC as home, she taught at NYU, produced several fashion shows, galas, interactive marketing campaigns, and a multitude of concerts and festivals. No one can stop Mandy. Not only is she efficient and effective in creating an enjoyable work environment, she is as driven in her personal life having run and completed over 10 marathons. Her energy, endurance, passion along with her questionable taste in music (loves listening to 80’s boy-bands) have helped make her a success and propelled her to the finish line.

Zach Zamchick

From budgets and agreements to marketing campaigns and audience flow diagrams, Zach is adept at analyzing big data and deconstructing it into smaller parts to help tell a story. He’s a people person and a natural-born collaborator who loves to dive into detail. Not only is Zach a whiz with legal contracts, he loves the Oxford comma, an individual who can’t help putting things in their proper place. He has operations in his soul and dreams of building and refining system to create a better workflow for teams. Zach is also a man of contradictions. He’s a hotdog eating vegetarian, who found his love of order from his family of artists and creatives. We offer you the following warning in hopes of preserving our gluniverse. Zach has recently taken up coffee drinking, and frankly, we are not sure what will happen to him or those around him in the event of over caffeination.

Zach Wright

With tenacity and love of problem-solving, Zach manages to maintain the perfect balance between getting his hands dirty and developing the big-picture strategy for some of our largest and most complex projects. He never shies away from impossible timelines or constraints and relishes the challenge of figuring out how to put shows in places they don’t typically belong. Zack’s knack for navigating non-traditional spaces has led to a broadcast studio in the heart of Rockefeller Plaza, and a projection-mapped football field in the courtyard of a very historic building, which arrived through a second-floor window. His down-to-earth leadership and communications style, paired with his obsession with efficiency and logistics, makes him a super gluey team member. When not balancing his typical show schedule, you’ll find Zach either out on an adventure or planning one – with his climbing shoes in tow, and his new puppy Lucy (a Heeler/Aussie Sheepdog mix) by his side. 

Vincent Morello

Vincent is an Audio Engineer and Technical Director with over 10 years of experience spanning the gamut of the industry trenches. From folk festivals to board meetings, Vincent has a proven history of delivering world-class technical solutions in high profile, time-sensitive, “no-fail” environments. He is obsessed with motorcycles and in his free time can be found cruising along on two wheels, or knee-deep in grease and grime as he rips one apart. Vincent is a proud Harlemite and should not be taken lightly at a pool table.

Tom Bussey

Tom Bussey is a creative visionary whose feet are firmly tethered to the ground. He thrives on harnessing technology in new ways to create never-been-done-before experiences and mind-bending theatrical moments on behalf of our clients. He is an all-hands-on-deck kind of guy, earning his reputation backstage loading-in some of the most magical shows on Broadway, and lending his production expertise to countless festivals, ballrooms, arenas, and stadiums. Tom’s wealth of knowledge in technical supervision and stage producing has won him plenty of industry recognition and even a few Emmy awards. His success over the past two decades can be attributed to his belief in going big or going home, pushing the boundaries of possible forward to deliver innovative immersive activations. Behind the scenes he is part of glue’s strategic leadership team, implementing programs and leveraging tools to help us advance possible more effectively and efficiently. Not only does Tom have plenty of industry cred, he holds a degree from Yale School of Drama where he was also a guest lecturer. His core philosophy that we are only as good as our last show, challenges teams to think outside the box to produce unforgettable memories and moments that truly matter.

Simon Quayle

Simon graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in Theatre Design and Technology, with a concentration in technical direction and production management. He cut his teeth working as a carpenter and stagehand while in school, spending his summers in Massachusetts as an associate technical director for the Williamstown Theatre Festival, before joining the ranks at glue. Simon is extremely knowledgeable and is adept at explaining complex technical applications in a simplified manner. He is a man on the move and has lived in 23 states and 14 countries to date and in a past life, he was a professional downhill ski racer (no joke)! 

Robyn Henry

Robyn’s eye for crafting an event began with her early career as a Broadway Stage Manager and was honed studying International Festivals for her master’s degree in Edinburgh, Scotland. Over her last decade with productionglue, she has grown her skills (and her air miles), producing events around the world – from mayoral inaugurations to multi-national awards shows, to global brand product launches and sports celebrations (Go USWNT!). You can’t miss her…she’s the one rocking a double headset and “dotting every i” onsite. Robyn was our first sustainability star, helping to pioneer our GREENglue program and paving our eco-friendly ways. When not at work, Robyn can be found kayaking on the Hudson River, running the trails of upstate NY, or heading to the airport for the next adventure.

Richard Belizaire

Richard’s a numbers man, holding a bachelor’s degree in accounting and information systems from Queens College. He spent years as an accountant for various New York hospitals and real estate companies, but things didn’t add up for him, and he found his way to glue. Not only is he passionate about finance, he’s mad for organic agriculture which he learned from his father who continues to grow plantains, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and rice on the family plantation in Haiti. He is a news junkie who can’t get enough of political debates and politics. Richard is not only fluent in finance, he also speaks French and Creole.

Matt Tatman

Matt is always on the move. He has over 18 years of industry experience that began in theater and Rock ’n Roll. His diverse background in event and show production spans the gamut of brand categories. He is a big picture player, a team builder, a strategist, who always has an eye on the end-game. His ability to consistently delivering creative and innovative solutions for both consumer and B2B experiential program activations makes him a valuable partner and a client favorite.

Mariliza Parker

Mariliza joined glue soon after earning her BFA in Stage Management and Scenic Design from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. With extensive experience working live events in NYC and across the U.S., she brings a collaborative drive and intense attention to detail to all her projects. She thrives in the midst of new challenges and is quick to create solutions – always ready to dig in and get the job done. When not at glue, she can be found biking, skiing, cooking up a storm, and rooting for her beloved Boston sports teams.

Manny de la Portilla

Manny knows how to put on a show, using filmed and found footage, along with motion graphics to create powerful and engaging projections for live performances. Before arriving at glue, he produced stellar stage clips for a bevy of super famous recording artists and DJs, for a variety of venues around town. Manny joined the glue crew and quickly became known for his flawless event execution and his savvy account management skills. He’s a first-generation citizen, born from Cuban immigrants and was raised in Miami. When not in the office, he enjoys seeing hot, up-and-coming new bands, exploring the bustling Jersey City artists scene, and getting silly with his family.  

Lucas Zimmerman

Lucas questions everything. He will leave no stone unturned to ensure that productionglue has the capability and capacity to execute client projects flawlessly. Managing against constantly changing demand, Lucas is adept at piloting through long and short-term needs, troubleshooting last-minute emergencies, and having the foresight to adapt our resources to continuously evolving industry needs. When not at the office, Lucas is spending time with his family and his lil’ “lapdog” a Great Dane.

Lowell Fox

Beginning his career as a technician in Philadelphia’s non-profit theater world, Lowell’s technical aptitude led to an early leadership position as head electrician in a LORT C Company at the tender age of 22. He returned to NYC and his studies where he found a new passion, championing corporate responsibility, and sustainability. Now, as Director of Sustainability, Lowell works toward harmonizing a triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. He is our king composter, helping our offices and our clients make the most out of resources, and developing new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle every part of an event. 

Lauren Hall

Lauren’s passion for storytelling and unique approach has won her a global reputation for out-of-the-box marketing solutions and a multitude of industry awards. Prior to joining glue, she worked in destination marketing changing the narrative and positioning on behalf of emerging destinations. She is an avid traveler, circling the globe in search of tasty street food and animals in need of a hug. Lauren has enjoyed an eclectic career, her time in magazine production and music licensing provided her with a strong sense of pop culture and helped her hone her ability to reach diverse audiences.

Kaitlyn Ackerman

Slack master extraordinaire, Kaitlyn has been assisting glue staffers get up to speed with new office systems. Rumor has it that she worked for an event software startup prior to joining glue where she developed a passion for solving complex workflow problems and implementing efficiencies. She is sortable, tackling projects with the events teams as well as conducting trainings on getting the most out of Air Table. Kaitlyn keeps a mighty secret; she’s never been to the west coast. Don’t tell her that I told you.

Justice Longshore

Justice has got this. She’s a people person who thrives in face-paced environments, working behind the scenes to research, develop, and assist our project teams. Justice is always smiling, and her infectious personality is known to lift up the team’s energy during the home stretch of a project. You should be warned, she a libra through and through, the mighty Scales of Justice have always kept her in balance and harmony. Outside of the office, she can be found searching for the perfect dumpling, channeling her favorite Marvel hero, or watching Will Smith save the world.

Jon Migdal

Avid sneakerhead and life-long New Yorker, Jon Migdal is a connoisseur of streetwear style. He is the orchestrator of teams, a mastermind of internal operations, and coordinator of all things glue. His Monday morning standup routine, AKA sticky notes, keeps the glueFAM informed and in stitches. He is a Vassar College alumnus, who is fluent in legal ease, ensures all contracts and the nitty-gritty are always in order. He wears a multitude of gluey hats, juggling our project teams to ensure that the right talent is applied. Jon is a true gluer and has been with the company for over a decade.

Jon Hukill

Jon’s extensive experience working in technical direction and production management within the entertainment industry is unmatched. Before joining glue, he provided logistics strategy and oversight for MMA tours, including arena setup and show production, as well as directing a weekly webcast which involved coordinating logistics, in house placement, television production, production of set, audio, and lighting. As Technical Director at productionglue, Jon works with producers, vendors, and clients to plan and execute multiple facets of today’s latest production and technology. He is knowledgeable with union and non-union venues, stadiums, arenas, and convention centers throughout nationally, and proficient with all aspects of creative, pre-production, planning, load-in and show execution.

Jenny Soriano

Jenny is a New Yorker through and through. She attended John Jay University and began her career working as a background assistant controller for auto dealerships. She’s a proud mom of a special needs kid, spending the formative years with her daughter, helping her develop and strengthen her communication skills. Jenny is detail-oriented, focused on diversity and inclusion, a passionate person who works to ensure that we have the right temporary teams in place for the job. She is also a mega fan of Criminal Minds and uses her morning commute to mentally write her own episodes. When not in the office, you can find her hanging by the beach, watching movies with her daughter, and spending time with family and friends.

Jennifer Kurland

Jennifer Kurland is a celebrated industry leader, who has been innovating and executing live programing, branded experiences, and celebratory moments for over two decades on behalf of global brands including Nike, Tom Ford Beauty, Hulu, Cornell University, and Frieze. As a founding partner of productionglue, her ability to transform a client’s vision into an immersive experience through innovation and sustainable practices has earned her not only client loyalty but recognition throughout the field. Jennifer applies a holistic approach to client strategy and execution, as well as to the company’s infrastructure itself. In an industry that is predominantly male-dominated, Jen is keenly focused on gender equality and social impact. It’s not just talk, she mentors and inspires team members to stand up for good and stand up for one another. Her accolades include being named to Biz Bash’s Top 1000 People in Events 2019, the Top 500 People in Events 2018, and her expertise and industry insights shared with numerous noted publications.

Gabby Gamad

She speaks SNKRS and has become an integral part of our Nike team. She’s our overseer of inventory, our ravishing venue researcher, and keep project teams on track. Outside of glue, she can often be found in a yoga pose or working up to her next marathon. Gabby is a diehard Cleveland sports fan who cheers wildly from the sidelines. She loves to spend her weekends at Domino Park or testing new spicy recipes in her kitchen. At night Gabby can be found checking out her favorite bands around the city.

Eric Tetuan

Eric Tetuan has an impressive technical portfolio built from his 25 years in New York City production. As co-founder of productionglue, his expertise has been molded by the needs and creative innovation of a city that he regards as the driving force of his ingenuity and fast-paced, results-driven production approach. His vast array of technical skills and invaluable understanding of the realities of a production site, has helped him earn his reputation as a transformer in the industry transformer. Eric has helped create some of New York’s most significant events, including Election Night Headquarters, Tribeca Film Festival’s Street Fair, the World Science Festival, the flagship store grand openings of Uniqlo, Hermes, and Gap, product launches for Samsung, Dunkin’ Donuts, Clinique, and Disney, large-scale, fundraising events and concerts, and PR stunts and activations for countless agencies.

Dom McGee

Dom’s a music fiend, who knows how to tell a story through stunning imagery. His keen eye for composition and meticulous editing skills has made him a client fave and a stand out from the paparazzi pool. He’s an integral part of the marketing team capturing a wide range of brand experiences, experiential activations, and the latest happenings around the office. Whether he’s working on a sizzle reel, case study, client presentation, or in-house project – Dom gears up to get the perfect shot. When he’s not running around covering events, Dom likes to spend his time experimenting with the latest camera tech and skateboarding with friends.

Dan Geggatt

Dan began his career as a freelance scenic designer and technical director working at various theaters throughout Manhattan. At glue, he designs high-tech immersive environments for some of our top clients. His cross-disciplinary skills and agility have helped him to not only design and visualize upcoming projects, these skills enable him to see events through to execution. When he’s not working or catching up on the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, Dan will be found playing board games with friends, exploring NYC or indulging his inner foodie at some of his favorite restaurants.

Claudine Goin

Claudine Goin brings over 20 years of experiential marketing, event production, and client services experience to productionglue. Her extensive career spans a variety of live event productions, lifestyle promotions and integrated marketing campaigns across the US, for clients such as Nike, Target and Jeep. Claudine is a force, and her make-it-happen attitude extends to all aspects of a campaign. She is fluent in French, Créole and speaks the elusive language of SNKRS. The calm and confidence that Claudine brings to both her clients and her creative teams are the hallmarks of her reputation. Once Claudine dons her matte purple lipstick and double headsets, you know it’s time to start the show.

Caleb Wertenbaker

Caleb is driven by a passion for people and systems. He oversees and manages the creative services team, ensuring that all of our client projects and responses go off without a hitch. Caleb is the king of calm and collating information. In fact, he was appointed co-chair of our Operations task force for his team optimization and leadership abilities. Caleb is mad about opera and has 20+ years of experience in production having designed sets for more than 85 plays and operas for over 35 companies. Caleb is quite consistent, consuming the very same lunch each and every day – never wavering. When not in the office he can be found growing hops on his family’s farm just outside of Albany.

Andrew Boreyko

Andrew started his career in televised live events working in high-pressure environments. From there he switched gears spending time in theatre, dance, music and entertainment where he acquired a multitude of new skills. Not only is he versatile, meticulous, and a task master, he’s also a super nice guy. Andrew enjoys being challenged and thrives on tackling the impossible, adapting non-traditional spaces, and working on events break the mold. His innate ability to remain calm and put people first make him a favorite with teams and clients. If you receive his OOO, it’s likely that he’s off on an adventure, exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and sampling local delicacies.

Ana Rubiés

Ana’s skills and instincts for creating unforgettable events has helped her earn her title of Producer. With a background in scenic and lighting design and a true make-it-happen attitude, Ana is a huge asset to any project. While completing a degree in scenic and lighting design from Savannah College of Art and Design, Ana began coordinating special events for the university, such as their annual fashion show and quarterly theatrical productions. It was Ana’s interest in live events and production that prompted her move to NYC where she found glue. From intern to junior producer to lead producer, Ana has played an integral role on projects for some of glue’s top clients.

Jack Hilley

Jack is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama’s MFA Technical Design & Production program, Jack built his extensive production background working in the festival, conference, theatre, dance, and special event worlds. He’s a true techie who knows no fear. He is revered by clients for producing high-caliber execution of FOMO-inducing innovative events. In his role as Senior Technical Producer and Technical Director he’s diversified glue’s portfolio, forged strong client relationships, and applied his deep and varied skills to a multitude of projects. A true “Jack of All Trades” he can approach a budget with brand awareness, deliver creative approaches to scenic challenges, and troubleshoot your audio, video, and IT. When not geeking out with one of his many gadgets, he can be found at home with his family, raising the next great technical minds.

Baxter Engle

Baxter is a University of South Carolina graduate, receiving an MFA in theatre and media arts. Prior to arriving at glue, he worked as a technical director for non-profit and off-broadway theatres and freelanced as a scenic and video designer as well as an audio/video engineer. Baxter’s a master of simplifying complex ideas, having worked to develop a communication infrastructure for construction and lending his skills to OSHA. At glue, he helps to bring big ideas to life for some of our biggest clients. In his free time, Baxter plays around with art and animation, is a huge sports fan (Go Gamecocks! and Rip City), and reading.

Jess Fusco

Jess is a bandwagon basketball fan who graduated from SUNY Purchase College of Design and Technology with a concentration in stage management. She is a New Yorker through and through, whose rich history in theater helped drive her toward managing live events. She is an all-around team player, whose “get it done” attitude and work ethic has become a rallying cry to those around her. You can always count on Jess. When not at work she can be found brewing up an almond milk latte, watching hoops, or crafting delicious dairy free meals with family and friends.

Tyler Matylewicz

Tyler left sunny Southern California to study stage management at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA and has continued adventuring throughout the world for both work and pleasure. He settled in New York City after graduating university, hustling hard across the live entertainment industry, gaining a decade of invaluable show running experience. Tyler is seriously addicted to ramen and stakes out the best noodle joints in town wherever he goes. His meticulous approach to live programming and devotion to premium-quality services and hospitality has helped earn him a trusted reputation for polished shows and happy clients. When not running a show, Tyler can be found sleeping, cooking or relaxing by the water.

Pranav Shah

Pranav joined glue HQ in 2012, before heading west to open up our LA office. His depth of experience and wealth of knowledge applies to all aspects of production. Using his background in theatre production and experience in manufacturing operations, as an events Technical Director and Producer he has worked on a wide range of projects, including product launches and press conferences, groundbreakings and grand opening ceremonies, public festivals, races, culinary experiences, and events for tourism boards and trade organizations. Pranav is meticulous and prefers to keep a low profile, that is, until it comes time for college football. He’s a graduate of the University of Southern California and a die-hard Trojan fan, and is a self-proclaimed news-junkie, whose always willing to debate politics and current events over a craft beer or well-made cocktail.

Ali Adam

California native and NYC transplant, Ali is a dedicated foodie who is passionate about strategizing brand campaigns and partnerships through non-traditional marketing channels. She finds inspiration from other creative professionals and is known throughout the office as “the hyphenator” for her extraordinary proof-reading skills and her personal quest to make hyphenating fun for all. Music plays a significant role in Ali’s life. She is a concert fiend who will always say yes to live music and karaoke.

Jill Nacnodovitz

Jill’s a rebel with a cause who joined the team after graduating from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in stage management. She began freelancing in NYC, before landing a gig with the 68th Tony Awards. From there she’s shared her talents with a creative service agency in midtown before finally finding her way to glue. Since 2015, Jill’s traveled the world as a member of TEAMglue and has kept our projects on schedule and our teams well-coordinated.

Matt Richman

Over the years, Matt has been the Senior Technical Producer for a large variety of productions ranging from very intimate private events to live national televised broadcasts, and everything in between. But no event can be done alone. Matt leads a strong team of gluers that are part of every show’s success, advising, training and educating along the way. His ability to connect the goals of multiple stakeholders, combined with his commitment to project excellence are what make him a trusted partner and advocate for our clients. From “never before done” builds to long standing annual projects, Matt commands multi-level, massive productions with unflappable control. His vast knowledge and proficiency in the field enable him to take on all aspects of an event from start to finish, making him an invaluable asset. His career began at a young age in concert touring, then expanded to encompass corporate business meetings, conventions, concerts, festivals, special events, auto shows, Broadway theater, and broadcast television. Not only is Matt accomplished across the U.S., he has produced a plethora of international shows in the UK, Holland, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas and Canada. 

Meghan Bauman

Meghan has mad rendering skills. She a graduate of SUNY Purchase and holds a BFA in Design + Technology with some Lighting Design mixed in. She is meticulous, curious, and creative, producing drawings and technical draftings that feel more like a work of art. When she steps away from her computer, she can be found volunteering or making home-brewed beers with her brewer’s club. Meghan believes in doing good and is co-chair of our glueGIVES initiative. She is also wild for animals, mom to a massive sulcate tortoise (30 pounds and growing) as well as 3 cool cats.

Natalie Price

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York, Natalie found her love of the stage in 7th grade. Theatre continued to be her foundation throughout high school and college where she earned her BFA in stage management from SUNY Purchase. Natalie moved to NYC in 2014 to work on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows gravitating towards the fast-paced and ever-changing landscapes of event production.

Natalie finds excitement and challenge in Project Managing a variety of events; ranging from music festivals, corporate summits, car shows, galas and esports. One of the things she enjoys most about her position is being able to collaborate with colleagues, vendors and clients, to collectively pull off a well-executed final product. Being able to stay organized and in-tune with each project is something Natalie prioritizes and prides herself in. Her organization and attention to detail both in pre-production and onsite execution make her a key asset to our team.

Natalie loves the thrill of the live event world; which at times, can be stressful and requires juggling a multitude of tasks. Always smiling, she conquers each project while remaining calm under pressure.